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The Association of Professional Futurists is a global community of professional futurists committed to leadership and excellence in the futures field. Our members provide unique perspectives to help people anticipate and influence the future.

The APF aims to set the standard of excellence for foresight professionals. Members include futurists from businesses, governments and non-profits, consulting futurists, educators, and students in futures studies. 

We meet regularly, host active electronic discussions among practitioners, provide professional development programs, recognize excellence in futures works, and offer a rich body of ideas and information about the future for the public.

We invite you to browse the site to find out more about what we do. If you are interested in joining, visit the Membership page where you can apply online. Here's a brief brochure about the APF and one for studentsAnd, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.  

2014 Gathering: Convergence in San Francisco March 31 - April 2

The APF’s Annual Gathering explored how the Maker Movement, Social Entrepreneurs, and the Collaborative Economy are converging to create emergent change.  The gathering took advantage of San Francisco’s rich resources with learning journeys to Impact Hub and TechShop, two organizations active in making and co-creating. Participants used narrative foresight tools to discuss what these changes may mean for society and the foresight profession. 

A fantastic time, among the best APF gatherings, which is saying a great deal. Thanks to Art Kleiner, Chris Ertel, Nancy Murphy, and Jason Tester (IFTF) for their excellent presentations.  

Special thanks to Christian Crews, APF Board Member and Gatherings Chair.
image: Marc Dulmulder flickr cc

2014 Most Significant Futures Works Awards Judging Underway

The MSFW Core Team has closed nominations for the 2014 Awards and the jury process is underway. Winners for the 2014 Most Significant Futures Works for publications completed from 2009 to 2013 will be announced at the APF Reception and Awards Presentation in Orlando Florida, Saturday July 12th. Rules for nominations can be found here. Works are nominated in three categories: Category 1 Advance the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies; Category 2 Analyze a significant future issue; and Category 3 Illuminate the future through literary  or artistic works. 

If you wish to serve as a 2014 judge or have questions, please contact Andy Hines
, MSFW Chair. 

2013 Most Significant Futures Works Awards

The MSFW nominations for the best futures works published from 2008-2012 were awarded at the APF's Reception and Awards Presentation in Chicago in July. The list of 2013 MSFW winners can be found here. The Core Committee thanks members who nominated publications. Nominated works include those that advance methodology and practice (seven nominations), analyze a significant futures issue (twelve nominations), or illuminate the future through literary or artistic works (four nominations). Awards were made at the Annual Reception, Saturday evening, 20 July 2013 in Chicago. Twenty member/judges reviewed 23 publications. For questions, contact Ken Harris, 2013 MSFW Chair. 

Emerging Fellows 2013-14 Speak Out #4futr
Check out the weekly blog posts by the 2013-14 Emerging Fellows. You will find exciting, thoughtful ideas about futures by new futurists who are still discovering her or his way into the field. They ponder deep ideas about their own futures, chase contagious futures, and question the direction of the field as well as other futures.
Simeon Spearman writes about "Big Data": 
Simeon Spearman
"My initial answer to the challenge of dogmatically data-driven deciders is to reiterate that at the end of the day, our value as futurists is to provide the “second derivative perspective,” or rather providing insights on how the rates of change are changing."   
Don't miss these weekly essays, posted Mondays on the Profutures blog


2014 Future Day March 1 - Six Organizations Unite

Future Day The Association of Professional Futurists joins other futures organizations to celebrate Future Day. Where ever you are at noon March 1, you can join us for an open discussion on foresight and futures studies. Catch the intro video here:

Register here: Future Day

2013 APF Events in Chicago July 19 - 21

The APF hosted three events in Chicago.
  • Friday all day: Pro Dev Seminar at Catalyst Ranch
  • Saturday lunch: Leadership Forum/Town Hall at the Chicago Hilton 720 South Restaurant
  • Saturday eve: Annual Reception & Awards at The Firehouse

Plus on Friday evening, Jim Breaux organized a river cruise, which was spectacular.

Here is a brochure of APF Chicago Events and APF at WFS Presenters' Schedule July 18 - 22. Thanks to Jason Swanson for creating the brochure.

2013 Pro Dev Seminar Friday July 19 #apfpd13

The APF Pro Dev Seminar was the best.  

At Pro Dev Day in Chicago, Friday July 19th, around 45 members explored via presentations and hands-on activities best practices and emergent ideas for strategic foresight. The Catalyst Ranch was absolutely amazing, a visual feast of color and artifacts. Thanks to Heather Schlegel or Jennifer Jarratt for creating a terrific experience!      

Here's the agenda (pdf). 

Annual Reception & Awards Saturday July 20 at The Firehouse!

At the APF annual reception Saturday eve July 20, 2013, 5:30 to 7:30 pm, over fifty people convened at the Firehouse in Chicago. The new Emerging Fellows and winners of the Student Recognition Project and the Most Important Futures Works winners were announced. Terry Grim, Foresight Alliance/University of Houston received a first place award for Category 1: "Advance the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies" for her article in JFS on the Foresight Maturity Model.  Heather Schlegel and Jim Breaux were recognized for their exemplary student work. Emerging Fellow Bridgette Engeler-Newberry received her certificate. Congratulations to all! 

Leadership Forum/Round Table
Saturday July 20 Lunch at the Chicago Hilton

APF leaders held a round table discussion on the Future of Foresight Project and the APF's next Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016. The Future of Foresight essays are posted in the community section (members only, sign in required). and the current Strategic Plan (2011- 2013) being implemented is here. 

You can shape the field and the APF's role in it. The ideas discussed will be documented and posted for members. Planning for the next Strategic Plan will begin this fall. The FO Foresight white paper will be modified and made public shortly. Contact Cindy Frewen with questions.
Annual Gathering - Orlando Florida
Play: Simulations, Games, The Future 
2-4 May 2013 (Thursday to Saturday evening) #apfg13

At the 2013 APF Gathering, an historic number of people experienced one of the best gatherings filled with fantastic ideas, fun, and community. 

Wendy Schultz said, 

"a terrific and stimulating three days, exactly what I expect of our colleagues. The visits to IST and ADL were interesting and useful, and the Saturday workshop with Starr Long and Mary Flanagan enlightening and fun." 

Special thanks to all our speakers and the Gatherings Team!  

Gatherings Team: Christian Crews, Gatherings Chair/Board Member, Joe Tankersley, Cohost/Board Member or Emily Empel, Cohost for Orlando. Image: Wikipedia


Upcoming Events

08 May 2014 4:00 PM • online
11 Jul 2014 8:30 AM (CDT) • Orlando, Florida
12 Jul 2014 6:00 PM • Orlando, Florida


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